Hardware Platforms

OpenScape Business X1, X3, X5 or X8 are "All-In-One" HW platforms with onboard IP access and support for up to 500 subscribers with IP, digital (UP0E), ISDN (BRI), analog (a/b), cordless (DECT) devices. UC Smart application is fully embedded. Connection to public WAN is done via SIP (LAN), ISDN (BRI and PRI) or analog trunks.

UC Booster Platforms

Two UC Booster options are available for OpenScape Business X3/X5 or X8:

  • OpenScape Business UC Booster Card is a Plug-In module for OpenScape Busness X3,X5 and X8. It is required for the UC Suite solution up to 150 UC users
  • OpenScape Business UC Booster Server is required for OpenScape Business X3/X5/X8 in case of of more than 150 UC users. The UC Booster Server is based on Linux (Novell SLES) and can be operated either on a server HW directly or in vitualized environment using VMware vSphere.

By using the UC Booster options the X3R, X5R and X8 models also can be enhanced with the following functions:

  • Open Directory Service
  • CSTA interface for connecting external applications
  • OpenStage Gate View with up to two cameras

Software Platforms

OpenScape Business S is the server-based "All-In-One" telefony and UC platform, which supports up to 1500 IP subscribers and IP (SIP) connection to the public network (WAN). It is designed for Linux (Novell SLES) operating system and can be operated either on a physical or on virtual machines with VMware vSphere. OpenScape Business S can be networked with OpenScape Business X1, X3, X5 or X8 as gateway for ISDN or anlog trunks or TDM / analog devices.


OpenScape Business offers a unified software solution architecture based on modern and innovative communication technologies.

  • All-In-One Unified Communication solution for small and medium enterprises
    • Integrated voice services
    • Presence management (presence status)
    • Status based call forwarding
    • Call Journal
    • Favorites list
    • Dialing by mouse click
    • Visual voicemail
    • Drag and Drop Conference
    • Directory access with database connection
    • Mobility support
    • Fax support
    • Integration into business processes
    • Instant Messaging (IM)
    • etc.
  • Multichannel Contact Center
  • Integration of OpenScape Web Collaboration
  • Connectivity to Circuit
  • Multiple Sites support
  • Unified solution architecture
    • Scalable and flexible HW / SW and licensing
    • Easy to handle migration from HiPath 3000 to OpenScape Business (System box and almost all existing devices can be reused only the motherboard and the SW has to be replaced)

For detailled feature descriptions have a look into the OpenScape Busisness datasheet or feature description.

Voice features

  • Making calls: Setting up a connection, e.g., via speed dialing or directories
  • Call Signaling, Calling Line ID: CLIP, CLIR, COLP und COLR.
  • Functions during the call: Holding, redirecting and transferring calls
  • Controlling availability: Call forwarding and call forwarding - no answer
  • Conferencing: Different types of application-controlled and phone-controlled conferences
  • Optimizing communication: Handling calls more efficiently and sending texts to internal subscribers
  • Easy Operation: Resetting activated features, Direct Inward System Access (DISA) and multilingual text output
  • Working in a team (groups): Multiple subscribers and phones can be reached under one station number
  • UCD (Uniform Call Distribution): Uniform distribution of incoming calls to a group of subscribers (UCD group).
  • Emergency Calls: Hotline/Hotline after timeout or an emergency service
  • etc.

Supported phones and devices

  • OpenStage phones (IP/HFA, SIP and T)
    • OpenStage 10 T, 15,15 T,40, 40 G, 40 T, 60, 60 G, 60 T
  • OpenScape Desk Phone (IP,/HFA, SIP)
    • OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35G, OpenScape Desk Phone IP 35 eco and OpenScape Desk Phone IP 55G
  • OpenStage Key Modules
    • OpenStage Key Module 40, 60 and 80 for OpenStage 40 and 60
    • OpenStage Key Module 15 only for OpenStage 15
    • OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40 only for OpenStage 40/60 HFA and OpenStage 30 T / 40 T / 60 T
  • Cordless CMI/DECT - IP/DECT telephones
    • OpenScape DECT Phone SL5, OpenScape DECT Phone S5, OpenStage SL4 professional, Gigaset S4 professional, OpenStage M3
  • PC Clients (HFA, SIP)
    • OpenScape Personal Edition (including Video support for SIP)
  • SIP phones (UC Suite) / AP adapter
    • SIP phones with RFC 3725 support.
    • Mediatrix 4102S (for connecting 2 Analog phones or G.3 FAX devices)
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